I had double elbow surgery yesterday in San Antonio to fix years of wear and tear from schlepping photo gear, twisting tripod legs, sanding and building things, riding bikes and, well, old age.

Since I was heading that direction anyway,  I “swang” down to Block Creek Natural Area to stay with Larry and Sharron Jay there for a night and take a few pics of fall color in the Hill Country.  Larry took me out to a handful of great places on the Guadalupe River where the bald cypress trees are flaming orange.  One of my favorite spots is this amazing old, abandoned railroad bridge.

For a few minutes after sunset on Saturday, the light had a soft, even, pastel glow that I love.  The bridge and river are the main characters, I suppose, but what makes it for me is the lone oak tree in the field behind the bridge.

Guadalupe River Bridge in Fall

Canon 1DX.  27mm focal length.  ISO 200.  f/11 @.6 seconds.  +2/3 EV.