Shooting at Vermejo Park Ranch a couple of weeks ago, we had some seriously cold, dreary, snowy days. ¬†One’s natural instinct is to just sit by the fireplace and wait for better weather. But bad weather also creates mood. ¬†And soft, dim light can be wonderfully subtle.

We came up on this dense stand of aspens and with a long telephoto lens, I isolated a little area that had a nice mixture of shapes and tones and a nice flow from right to left.  The long focal length compressed the shapes and forms into a dense tangle of aspens Рsome sharp, some soft Рseparated by the falling snow.

I am not sure if others will like it but I do, especially in black and white.

Aspens in Snow

Canon 1DX.  Canon 200-400 @ 406mm.  ISO 1000.  1/60 second @ f/16.  EV +1.