Walking sticks bring out the little boy in me. They often make wonderfully unexpected appearances. As I walk through the grass or push through tree branches, one will suddenly just appear on my shoulder or pant leg. That is so cool.

The perfectness of their camouflage is fascinating and sometimes even when I know one is right in front of me I can lose sight.

The Great Trinity Forest has quite a few that pop up as the weather warms, and I found this one at the Trinity River Audubon Center amidst a patch of wildflowers.  Fortunately I had one of my favorite situations, backlit with a dark background.

Walking Stick on Brown-eyed Susan

Walking stick on Brown Eyed Susan, Trinity River Audubon Center, Dallas, Texas, USA. Canon 1Ds Mark III. 255mm. ISO 800. 1/160 sec. @ f/13. I might have added a little bit of reflected light, too.