I think that the mundane can be as interesting as the spectacular. Like this droopy seed pod of a red poppy flower in morning dew.  The red poppy flowers nearby were lovely, of course, but I thought this was just as interesting.

I like to shoot macro images like this with a long lens in order to soften up that background and minimize distractions lurking back behind your main subject. Here I used a 180mm macro + a 2x teleconverter to give me a 360mm macro  I like a very narrow depth of field so that combination works great. (longer focal length = less depth of field).  If you like everything sharp and in focus, however, leave out the teleconverter.

Red Poppy Pods

Dew on red poppy seed pod, Block Creek Natural Area, Hill Country region, Texas, USA. Canon 1DX. 180mm macro + 2x telecoverter. ISO 800. 1.400 sec. at f/7.1. EV +1/3.