The ruins scattered around Vermejo Park Ranch are fascinating.

Abandoned places are just catnip for most photographers. Textures, shapes, color, stories, light and shadow. All the toys in the toybox are there. There is a reason some people call the addictive photographing of abandoned places  “Abandon porn”.

I am no different, and Vermejo is an “abandon porn” wonderland.  In the Koehler ghost town there is an infinite supply of things to photograph, like this simple orange door with a large steel gear sitting in the nearby shadows.

Industrial Equipment Orange door and industrial gear, Koehler Coal Mining Town, Vermejo Park Ranch, New Mexico, USA. Canon 1Dx. 160mm. ISO 200. 5 sec. at f/11. EV + 1 1/3. I bracketed my exposures and my apertures so I could choose the version I like the most later. The f/11 shot had the best balance of a sharp door with a soft, out of focus gear in the background – all a matter of personal taste.