As we drove east toward the Saharan Desert and the big dunes at Erg Chebbi, we were pelted with rain and thick clouds.  That would have been great if I was traveling to shoot waterfalls, but sand dunes?  I really needed crisp sunlight to bring out all the oranges in the dunes and bright stars for the night sky.

But you never know when it will stop and what you might get. Sure enough, the rain finally stopped and we had one clear day. I ran out and frantically looked for pooled water to shoot desert reflections, such as this one of a camel caravan waiting for another load of tourists.

Camel Caravan Reflections

Reflections in water of camel caravan Erg Chebbi, Saharan Desert, Morocco. Canon 1Dx. 106mm. ISO 640. 1/100 se. at f/16. EV +1.