At the top of the ancient town of Aït Benhaddou is the granary. Makes sense.  If attacked, you better have food and water protected.

I got up well before dawn to wander around and take photos, hoping for clear night skies and some stars. Wrong. All I had was clouds and incredible pre-dawn darkness.

But what the heck, I might as well point the camera and see what comes out.

My first try was looking down on the town. High ISO (3200) and a long exposure (over two minutes) plus a little flashlight on the town itself  =  ????????????.  I looked at the result and saw an image I did not expect, but will happily take.

Night in Aït Benhaddou

Kind of cool. Weird, but cool.  As dawn slowly approached a bit of lightning flashed in the distance and the light got a weird blue tint.  I turned around and took this shot of the granary. Again. Weird but cool. I am not sure where the orange light came from but it is another image I will happily take!

Moral of the story? You never know what you will get unless you try!

Aït Benhaddou Granary

Canon 1Dx. 20mm. ISO 3200. 96 seconds at f/4.