On my second day in Morocco, my wife, Karen, and I were walking along the walls of the old medina to the outer harbors where the iconic blue Moroccan fishing boats were moored.  It didn’t look like there would be a good sunset, but low and behold, in the evening’s last few minutes the sunset cleared just enough.

Another photographer who looked to be quite good (same gear as me, I think) actually waived me over to check out the sunset from where he was standing.  Very nice of him and a great gesture.  We stood close to each other and did our best to capture the brief lightshow.

I was struck how the warm pinks on the right side of the image are offset by the cool blues of the harbor and the boat.  The warm pink sunset hues apparently got blocked by the rampart walls. I had to use a 3 stop graduated neutral density filter to balance the sky out a bit, but it all came together pretty nicely. With an 8 second exposure, the ocean waves are nicely abstracted.

Fishing Boat and Sunset on Rampart


Sunset on fishing boat and ramparts, Essaouira, Morocco. Canon 1Dx. 22mm. ISO 200. 8 seconds at f/16. 3 stop graduated ND filter. EV +1.