My friend Kathy Adams Clark is leading a photo tour to Big Bend National Park right now, which makes me jealous. Just the mention of Big Bend brings my blood pressure down – I love that place – it is so raw and harsh and beautiful.

One of my favorite hikes there is an overnight climb up to the South Rim.  It is a tough hike, but worth it. From the top, at the edge of the South Rim in the Chisos Mountains, you can see to the edge of the earth (or at least well into Mexico).

Peregrine falcons nest on the cliff faces, and the drop to the south is sheer and specatcular. Black bears and mountain lions live there in relative abundance in the mountain forest, snacking on lost hikers. (or not).

View from South Rim

View from South Rim of Chisos Mountains into Mexico, Big Bend National Park, Texas, USA. Canon 1Ds. Mark II. 31mm. ISO 50. f/22 @ 5 seconds.