As I mentioned yesterday, there was a brief but beautiful burst of vibrant fall color in the Texas Hill Country last week and I managed to get down to catch it. Here is one from the top of a mountain looking down.

I shot almost everything backlit on the two sunny days I was there, and I will do some posts this week on how to do that in more detail.

But why, you may ask, do you shoot it backlit to start with? Why not just shoot with the sun directly shining on the leaves from over your shoulder? For me, that answer is easy. First, it makes the foliage glow with a radiance that direct sunlight can’t match, and it gives the shadowed tree bark very dramatic lines. Second, it is unique! And it is always good to get images that look a little unique.

Fall Color

Fall color, Block Creek Natural Area, Hill Country region, Texas, USA. Canon 1Dx. 121mm. ISO 400. f/16 @ 1/13 second. Polarized. EV +1.