Dallas DART Campaign to Stop Trash in the Trinity River

My images have been used recently in a campaign City of Dallas/Stormwater Management and anti-pollution campaign on Dallas Rapid Area Transit (DART) buses, both on the rear banner and inside. It is of an image from McCommas Bluff, overlooking the Trinity River. A friend with the City recently sent me some pics from some of the buses, and I think it looks pretty cool! Great campaign, too. It is heartbreaking sometimes to see the trash that ends up in the Trinity River, and everywhere else near the river. Every time the river flows, it deposits that trash up into trees...

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UN’s International Organization for Migration

The United Nations hosted a recent worldwide conference in Morocco and the UN’s International Organization for Migration featured my Morocco images in their conference publications and in the event banner that flew at the conference. How awesome is that? The impact of climate change and the environment on migration is an increasingly critical issue, so I am quite proud to help. IOM is a great organization and they have been a pleasure to work with. Check out their Facebook page to see more about what they are dealing with on a daily basis and their environment page to learn more about the impact...

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Light – Use What You Got!

Nature photographers can be terrified of working with artificial light, be it flash, flashlight, or anything other than light from the sun. I certainly understand that, as it can take awhile to get comfortable with adding light to an image. Once you get over the hump, though, adding light to an image can be quite fun and anything that puts out light is fair game to use. And why not? That is the joy of digital photography. It it doesn’t work, try something else! I had a reminder of that recently at Vermejo Park Ranch in New Mexico. A late...

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Merry Starburst!

Merry Christmas and a happy starburst to you! Getting a starburst in a photo is easy. Point your camera at the sun*** as it pokes out from around some object like a tree or mountain, set your aperture to f/22, move your camera around a bit until the starburst really comes out and shoot! Different lenses give you different starbursts, depending on the number of blades in the lens and other geeky stuff I generally could care less about. I just like the effect sometimes. Throw in a little lens flare, too and I am usually quite happy.   ***Shooting into...

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