Market at Chichi

The Guatemalan highlands, including Chichi, were ground zero in the decades long war among the government and rebels that really only recently ended. In many of these villages, dozens, even hundreds of villagers were gunned down...

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Chichi Cemetary

I got up well before sunrise to make the 2-3 hour drive to Chichi to photograph the market again. It is just too colorful to pass up, and I now have some concepts in mind. The drive is headache inducing, again, but I get there...

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Sam Juan and Antigua

Today was a bit of a disappointment. San Juan is known as a town with many Fair Trade cooperatives – for artisans, as well as coffee growers. I had hoped to photograph some of the cooperatives as well as a Fair Trade...

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Market Day in Solola

I spent the night in Pana and then got up at dawn to photograph the market in Solola. It is largely a market for locals, without too many tourists. Unfortunately for me, the early morning clouds quickly dispersed, leaving me...

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Santiago Atitlan and Toliman

Today was a long and busy day. I spent the morning running around Santiago Atitlan trying to find photos. Hired a guide to take me into the lake on his small wooden boat. Tracked down some of the colorful local women to...

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