Last Day in Guatemala

For several hours in the morning, I photograph several local Mayan ladies and one child in an old ruin in Antigua. I made arrangements through an American doctor who lives in Guatemala and runs a little program where he provides...

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Market at San Francisco al Alto

I had heard that the market in San Francisco el Alto offered two things I loved. One was that it is aimed almost entirely at locals, with few touristas like me around. I like that. Too many gringos spoils the soup, so to speak....

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Todos Santos Cemetery

I spent the morning in Todos Santos Cuchamatan photographing villagers as they visited the cemetary. They would light candles, set out food and alcohol, even have conversations with their deceased loved ones. I was in Oaxaca...

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day of the dead in todos santos cuchamatan

What a day. Gustavo and I got up before dawn to drive into the mountains to the town of Todos Santos Cuchamatan. Every year on November 1, the town celebrates the Day of the Dead with a day long horse race. I guess you would...

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Solola and San Andres Xecul

I woke up in Pana and spent the morning photographing the cemetary at Solola. Since the Day of the Dead is the next day, the cemetary is abuzz with preparations. Family members are busy painting or cleaning their family’s...

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