I got up before dawn in Panajachel (“Pana”) to photograph the sunrise on the lake, but alas, there was not one. Very cloudy. But as the sun rose, I did get a few decent images of the lake, along with a family washing clothes on a dock. It is indeed beautiful – a huge lake ringed by volcanos and lush vegetation, with small mayan towns dotting the shoreline. After finishing, I decide to drive to a village across the lake called Santiago Atitlan. I have seen and heard of some nice places to photograph women washing clothes in the lake, and the town is allegedly composed mainly of locals. Pana is much more of a tourist town, although it is a great location to watch sunrise and sunset.
The drive around the lake was very long and slow. Lots of fog, especially at one scenic point where I had hope to take some pics. I could barely see the end of my lens from there. I make my way around the lake, but don’t end up taking many pictures as the rain and clouds are constant. I did come across a cool, old VW Beatle, and got some nice abstracts of the peeled paint. I arrived in Santiago Atitlan at nightfall and find a neat, albeit somewhat expensive place to stay, (i.e. about $40). I am used to the $10 holes in the wall hotels. Tomorrow should be fun.