I was supposed to leave at 11am Sunday from the market at Chichi to drive back to Antigua, where an outfitter (Old Town Outfitters in Antigua) was going to take me on an overnight to the volcano Pacaya. Pacaya is in a state of slow lava flow. I had given up by 1pm, since their guide could not make it. Finally I get a call they had worked it out and so I rushed to make it back to Antigua.
Better late than never.
We finally get to the volcano and hike to the top in the dark. Emerging from the dense forest into the site of the glowing volcano was truly special. I end up with two guides, Luisa and Juan, and both were really cool. They make a dinner of enchiladas and hot chocolate by cooking directly on the hot rocks of the volcanic outflow. Very cool. It is quite cold at that elevation, but sitting near the lava warms one up quite quickly. I woke up at dawn with the volcano above me and the sun rising below. What a thrill! I took some pretty good pics, although it will take some work to make them pop. I like the pics of the little white dog that slept between our tents. The dog glowed white as the rising sun bounced off its fur.
It takes me the rest of the day to get back to Antigua, then travel back to Pana on the lake. I arrive after sunset.