During my quick trip to the Guadalupe River this past weekend, I took off my shoes and waded into the river to get a better perspective.  As I was shooting, I saw a little movement and a family of sheep walked to the river to drink.  I managed to get off a few shots before they departed.  The lambs never stopped long enough to pose, but mama did, and I did get this shot of her, as well as the south end of two north facing lambs.

I took this photo around 11am.  That is usually awfully contrasty, nasty light on sunny days, but because the sun backlit all of the bald cypress trees, it worked out nicely, making those leaves really glow.

Fall Color on Guadalupe River

Canon 1DX. ISO 800. 400mm (70-200 mm zoom with 2x teleconverter hastily added).  f/11 at 1/20 second.  +2/3 EV.  After I got off a few shots I increased my ISO to increase my shutter speed, but I like this pose the best, and the 1/20 second was enough to capture a sharp sheep, so to shpeak.