Here is another image from the Guadalupe River with a combination of reflected cypress trees, flowing water, and a single solid object, a rock in the stream.  I like the way the cool blues from the flowing water contrast with the warm golds of the reflected foliage.

I shot at up to  f/32 @ 8 seconds (with polarizer). Why f/32 and ISO 50, you wonder?   I wanted to slow down the shutter speed as much as possible to really make the image as soft and abstract as I could.  The polarizer cuts off 2 stops of light as well.


I usually bracket my settings for different artistic effect, here going from a faster shutter with more frozen water to the soft blurred effect of the one I like the most. repeated both horizontally and vertically (see below).  Which one is “better”?  That is just a matter of personal taste (like vanilla vs. chocolate, The Clash vs. The Ramones, or jorts vs. parachute pants).