Must be serendipity.

Yesterday my POTD was of a massive swell of smoke above the prairie in a controlled burn out at Clymer Meadow (east of Dallas).

Today, I had to pull some images of Dallas to go into the 6th Floor Museum gift shop and I found a series of images from the implosion/demolition of part of the NorthPark office complex on I-75 here in Dallas.  I had completely forgotten about them, but looking at them today, I really love them.   And they are strangely reminescent of the prairie fire image from yesterday.

The building being demolished was (fortuitously) next to the office of my wife (Karen).  I set up that morning on the roof of the parking garage and had a great view of the soon-to-be-doomed building.

Unfortunately, security ran me off and I had to go to Karen’s office and shoot through the glass.

I held the camera close to the glass to minimize reflections and set the camera for a long exposure to create some surreal drama.  Once the implosion started, I clicked away.  Three of the images would make nice prints, I think.  Turns out I kind of like the reflections back into the office.   The one below I really like and I am going to show it at a media photographer show I am in at Kettle Art opening on Thursday called Shot in Dallas.

So from “forgot I had shot this” to putting it in a gallery show in one day.  Sounds like serendipity to me.


Building Implosion

Here is the whole series.