Buy a Print, Help the Heidelberg Project.  As detailed  here, some maniac is trying to burn down the Heidelberg Project one house at a time and they are frantically raising money to help with security.  To help, am donating 100% of the net proceeds back to Heidelberg.

The art at the Heidelberg Project changes constantly.  When I shot the Heidelberg Project back in 2006 and 2007, the themes of God, Country, and War seemed to pop out all over the place, in all kinds of ways.  I can’t say what it all means – that is for the artist, Tyree Guyton to say.

But like most good art, it leaves some room for personal interpretation.  I like a little ambiguity.  Like the lyrics to an REM song, some art makes me react on a sensory level.  Much of the Heidelberg art works that way on me.

Heidelberg Project


God and Country, Heidelberg Project