Buy a Print, Help the Heidelberg Project.

As detailed  here, some maniac is trying to burn down the Heidelberg Project.  So the Heidelberg Project is frantically raising money to help with security.  To help, I am donating 100% of the net proceeds back to Heidelberg.  (You can also help  with a direct donation).

Here are some photos of  the “Party Animal House”.

It is one of the last houses still standing.   “The War Room” installation was burned on Thanksgiving Day; the “Penny House” on Nov. 21, the “House of Soul” on Nov. 12 and the “Obstruction of Justice” house, known as the OJ House, on Oct. 5.

Three main houses remain standing, including this one (see images below) and the OJ  House (see yesterday’s post). These images are from 2006-2007.


Heidelberg Project