Dang, this daily blog thing can be hard to remember.

I photographed a beautiful vermilion flycatcher and a northern mockingbird  last week on a great looking, gnarly old snag on a beautiful ranch near Corpus Christi.    The bird is lovely, but it is more about shapes and patterns, courtesy of the old tree.

I got the flycatcher in a couple of different poses, but it can be tough to pick which one I like the best. Check out the slideshow for 4 different poses of the vermilion, plus 4 of a mocking birds that perched there immediately after.  Got a favorite pose? Let me know – I am curious.

Here’s a free tip for shooting these flycatchers.  They are territorial and fly around in a big circuit hunting bugs, eventually coming back to the same perch.  So set up on the perch, prefocus   . . . .  and wait.