I am going to stay with the black and white theme for a little while longer.

I have had a couple of chances in the past to run around Detroit and photograph some of the old buildings.   I really love Detroit.  I am not sure any other city in America so outwardly shows the history of 20th Century America as Detroit.  From the birth of the industrial age to being one of the wealthiest cities on earth to the suburbanization and white flight, riots and fires, neglect, decay, abandonment, and through it all, hope and a real chance at rebirth.

The old buildings show that history.  And its people show the spirit that keeps that city alive.

I could blather on, but that is what I see when I go there.  This is an image from the Studebaker Plant, which had just burned down when I came across it, still smoldering.  I climbed into the ruins and took some of these photos of a tagger with an ironic sense of humor.

Rock and Roll graffiti at the burned Studebaker Piquette Avenue Plant, Detroit Michigan.