Here is another bird image down the street from my home and studio.  Most people hate grackles, but I love them.  They are so smart and social and tough.  They can adapt to anything, and I respect that.  I don’t want them to take over the world  or squeeze out other bird species, but just on their own, I love ’em.

I also like how they poop all over things in such an indiscriminate way.  This is me anthropomphizing, but I like that punk attitude.  No matter how much you curse them and give them the “bird”, or play loud music and create fake explosions, they just do their thing.  And if you don’t like it, they just crap on you and fly away.


Birds on a Wire


Canon 1DS Mk III,  500mm.  ISO 800.  f/11 @ 1/160 sec.  +2 EV