I have been awfully busy with some personal stuff and am a little behind on my photos of the day.  Let’s get back on track.

I shot out on the Texas Buckeye Trail last weekend in the Great Trinity Forest, and got a lot of shots I really like.

Here is an abstract of a path through the forest. These kinds of shots are fun to do. All you need is a long exposure and some straight lines to stretch. Then you just point the camera down and move it upward during the exposure. You get a lot of duds, but when it works, it is great. This is one of my favorites from this evening.

It was almost completely dark when I shot it.I like that soft, dim, post-dusk light for images like this.

Great Trinity Forest

Canon !DX. 35mm. 5 sec. @ f/11.  ISO 400. EV – 1/3.