I ran into another hummingbird moth, this time out in a field of bluebonnets after the sun had set.

That presented a problem, photographically-speaking, since there was not much light and the moth is in flight and constantly in motion.

Hmmmm. A camera with a sensor that handles high ISOs with low noise comes in very handy at times like this. You just have to know how high you can push your camera’s ISO and still get a result you like, and then, USE IT.  That last part is what a lot of folks forget or fail to do.

My camera has a great sensor, so I pushed the ISO up as far as I needed to in order to get a reasonably fast shutter speed. A lot of the images were still blurry, but a few, like this one, worked nicely.

Jumminbgird Moth in Wildflowers

 Hummingbird moth in field of bluebonnet and indian paintbrush wildflowers outside Ennis (south of Dallas), Texas, USA. Canon 1DX. 513mm. ISO 2500.  1/200 sec. @ f/5.6 (wide open).  EV +1. No flash.