While out photographing the Texas Buckeyes, I saw what looked like a tiny little hummingbird buzzing around the blooms.  But it wasn’t a hummingbird, it was a moth!  How cool. They even sound like a hummingbird. I didn’t get to taste it, but it might even taste like a hummingbird. (Not that I have ever eaten a hummingbird).

This one came in last evening light and I had to really crank up the ISO.I was happy because I got to try out my new Canon 200-400 mm lens, which I love. (BTW, I have a Canon 500mm lens for sale now).

Hummingbird moth (White-lined sphynx) (Hyles lineata) on Texas Buckeye Tree (Aesculus glabra var. arguta) in flower, Texas Buckeye Trail, Trinity River, Dallas, Texas, USA.

Hummingbird Moth on Texas Buckeye Tree Flower

Canon 1DX. Canon 200-400mm lens at 490mm.  ISO 2500.  1/200 sec. @ f/5.6.  No flash.