There is a little wildflower hotspot south of Dallas near Ennis and Palmer and it is blooming now.

I have a commercial client that needs images from that county, so I ran down there to shoot yesterday and came across a field filled with people playing in bluebonnets. This tends to be quite rare because usually bluebonnet fields are behind private fences, but whoever owns this property apparently has a beautiful heart (and a complete fear of liability).

Anyway, I came across a nice young couple posing for some photos by jumping up and down on cue. They had a friend photographing them from the front. I maneuvered around so that all you could see was the sky and the wildflowers and fired off shots every time they jumped.

Ahhh, young love.

Jumping in Wildflowers

Man and woman holding hands and jumping in wildflower field of bluebonnets and indian paintbrush outside Ennis (south of Dallas), Texas, USA  Canon 1DX. 560mm.  ISO 1250. 1/400 sec. @ f/10. EV +1 2/3.