You gotta love wildflowers in the spring. Especially in Texas.

Our “seasons” are not always all that pronounced here, and spring seem like a miserably short reprieve between winter and the oppressive heat of summer. But when the wildflowers are in bloom, even a short spring is glorious.

You can find wildflowers all over the state, but I love finding them in old cemeteries where they often have much greater diversity than your basic JBOB Field (Just a Bunch of Bluebonnets Field).

Shooting fields like this can be an interesting compositional challenge. I like to find leading lines and clusters of colors within the wildflower field to keep an image like this from just being wallpaper.

Wildlfowers in field, near New Berlin Texas, outside San Antonio, USA.

Wildflower field

Canon 1DS Mark III.  26mm.  ISO 640.  f/8 @ 1/100 second.  EV +1.