I like to shoot wildflowers a little differently sometimes. As in backlit, and with a huge lens. And as low as I can go with my tripod.

It is hard to do, since you have all kinds of things in the way and it is easy to just photograph a lot out of focus clutter. I try to find a zone of flowers that are sharp that have a nice feel, and let everything else in front and behind fade out to abstract.

Here is an image like that from the Texas Hill Country between Blanco and Fredericksburg. I really liked the canopy of grasses above the little yellow wildflowers.  If I remember right, that little blob on the right is a turkey strutting. I think I got tired of trying to photograph him and decided to shoot the wildflowers.


Canon 1d Mark II.  500mm lens.  ISO 400.  1/1000 sec. @ f/5  (windy day!).  EV +1.