Hard to beat the beauty of backlit wildflowers with a nice coat of morning dew. Hard to shoot, too. You have to watch your exposure and watch for lens flare.

The lens flare is especially dangerous. Sometimes lens flare is awesome, and adds neat atmosphere (in an arts fartsy sort of way). But usually it just gives you a fogged out photo.

Since I usually shoot on a tripod, I just set up the shot and then stand in front of the camera with my hand and block the sun so that the lens is in shadows.   Click the cable release and you got it. A lot of times I will also shoot a version or two with the lens flare included as well. You never know which version you end up liking best

One more thing . . . This image definitely looks best at a larger size. At small sizes it just looks like wallpaper. Click all the way through so that the full screen image pops up.

Wildflower Field

Backlit field of wildflowers with morning dew, Big Springs historical and natural area, Great Trinity Forest, Dallas, Texas, USA. Canon 1DX. 200mm. ISO 800. 1/60 sec. at f/16. EV +2/3.