I was in New Mexico this past February and while driving through the middle of nowhere when a cloudy blue sky and warm evening light just started to radiate with this wonderful clarity. It was neat, but stressful.

Why stressful? Well, beautiful light is fleeting. A good landscape photographer tries to be in place, in a great location, ready and waiting for that good light to happen. That is why landscape photographers scout and plot and hike and do whatever it takes to get to the good spot well before the light gets good.

But sometimes it just happens and you have to scramble to find something to shoot in that great light. This was one of those times. I drove for twenty miles, hoping the light would hold and the clouds would be there when I found a stretch of simple landscape to frame them against.

Finally I found this little scene.

Prairie and Sky

Prairie and sky in central New Mexico, USA. Canon 1DX. 17mm. ISO 400. 1/100 second @ f/16. EV +1.