It is easy to take photos standing up at a comfortable height. But sometimes you have to get low.  Really low. That is why nature photographers need tripods that can go all the way to the ground, good knees, and lots of Advil.

I shot this image this morning out at the wonderful Big Springs in the Great Trinity Forest. It is not generally open to the public, but I am leading a NANPA North Texas Meetup for Nature Photographers this Saturday, for those who would like to come out and see it.

I used a wide angle lens, with the main flower (the red Indian paintbrush) about 6 inches away from the front of the lens.  The image was also backlit (which I like), bit I had to add flash to the foreground to fill in shadows a bit.

Wildflower Field

Wildflower field with Indian Blanket, Big Springs historical and natural area, Great Trinity Forest, Dallas, Texas, USA. Canon 1DX. 27mm. ISO 250. 1/125 sec. @ f/10. Fill flash.