One of my favorite ways to photograph wildlife is from a floating blind I built. I just hop in the blind, put on my waders (not in that order) and get into the water to shoot. My feet have to hit the bottom, otherwise I just spin around in circles. But it is great because most birds and animals pay no attention to you and you can move around freely. It is really fun.

One day at the “Secret Bird Pond” near the Trinity River Audubon Center, I heard a little flap behind me and turned to see two wood ducks had landed and were swimming towards me.  One split off and gave me this brief profile.

Wood DucksWood duck (Aix sponsa) male on pond, Trinity River Audubon Center, Dallas, Texas, USA. Canon 1D Mark III. 500mm + 2x teleconverter. ISO 640. 1/80 second @ f/8.