When you shoot a ton of images, some get overlooked and then sort of lost in the overall pile, especially as the pile keeps getting bigger.

While looking through some older photos today, I stumbled on this photo of a deer peering from around a tree and thought to myself – “hmmm, I kind of like that.”  I showed it to Karen and she said “hmmm, I kind of like that.”  It is an odd image, but at least two people on earth kind of like it, maybe more.  We’ll see.

The moral of the story, I suppose, is that it does indeed pay to look back at old images with a fresh eye.

White-tailed Deer

White tail deer peering from behind tree, Sullys Hill National Game Preserve, North Dakota. Canon 1Ds Mark II. 500mm. ISO 160. 1/30 sec. at f/4. (I probably should have raised my ISO. I am not sure what I was thinking here, but it is just sharp enough, so it worked out ok.).