Snakes get a bad rap, but I love them. Most of them, at least. Rattlesnakes are great, since they are handsome, dramatic, and loudly warn you when you piss them off. Water moccasins, not so much. Those things have behavior issues. I have been chased around a few times out in swamps by moccasins just for being there.

Anyway, back to rattlesnakes. This image was from a ranch outside McAllen in south Texas. I used a long lens and framed the snake against a narrow band of sunset red in the sky, then filled the foreground with flash covered by a warm gel to match the sunset light. The position of the snake’s tongue and tail were welcome bonuses.

Rattlesnake at sunset, Texas

Coiled Western Diamondback Rattlesnake (Crotalus atrox) against red sunset, Yzaguirre Ranch, Texas. Canon 1 VS. Slide film. 300mm. Fill flash.