I was preparing an order for a commercial client today that included this image of a bee in wildflowers.  I had sort of forgotten about it, but have always liked this image. Getting a fresh look at an old image is kind of like seeing an old friend.

What I really remember about this image was that I shot it at high noon. Usually that is not a particularly good practice, since the harsh mid-day sun can bleach out color and more problematically, create extreme contrast between the highlights and dark shadows. But I found a little loophole to that “rule”. By getting down on the ground and shooting only across the sun lit tops of the flowers with a very long lens, the dark shadows did not show up in the image and it let me just fill the frame with color.

I might have popped in a little flash, but I can’t remember.

Bee in wildflowers Bee in wildflowers, Fennessey Ranch, Texas. Canon 1VS. Velvia. 600mm.