At Vermejo Park Ranch, they have a landmark feature called Castle Rock that rises out of a large mountain prairie. It is one of those places you can never get tired of photographing. One night, I went out there until 2 in the morning shooting it with the night sky, then painting in the foreground with a flashlight. The next morning I looked at those images and said – those look cool, but I really need someone to stand on top. (and by “someone”, I meant me.).

So the next evening I went back out and set up my camera to run continuously at a 30 second exposure and I climbed to the top of Castle Rock, stood on the very lip, raised my hands and stayed still for each exposure.

On a few, I propped up a flashlight to backlight myself, and got this image, which I really like.

I was starting to get a little disoriented standing there on the edge of Castle Rock staring into the dark with my hands over my head, trying to stay perfectly still.  I remember thinking to myself –   it is really going to hurt if I pass out and fall off of this rock.

Man on Castle Rock

Backlit man on Castle Rock with night sky and stars, Vermejo Park Ranch, New Mexico, USA. Canon 1Dx. 16mm. ISO 4000. 30 sec. at f/2.8.

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