I am back!  I have been traveling a lot lately, including a week or so at Vermejo Park Ranch in New Mexico scouting photo workshops. Wow -what a place and an incredible conservation story. More on that later.

First, I thought I would show a photo from my first full day there.

I was out with a professional guide named James Reedy on foot photographing bison. I always thought I was good at spotting wildlife, but I was repeatedly humbled by James. Looking way out into the distance, he points and whispers “bear!”

I squinted and peered and sure enough, out in the distance, there was a bear ambling right into the herd of bison.

The bison are not exactly shy and quickly let the bear know he was not welcome, chasing him away the other direction.

But something soon spooked the bear again, badly, and the bear once again turned and sprinted up a hill between the bison herd and us at a full run, spit and snot flying. Dude just wanted out of there, fast.

I tried my best to track him through the trees with my autofocus and managed to get this shot.


Black bear running and jumping over log, Vermejo Park Ranch, New Mexico, USA. Canon 1Dx. 800mm. 1/160 se, at f/11. ISO 640.