One of the remaining ghost towns at Vermejo Park Ranch is an old coal mining town called Koehler.

Koehler Coal Mining Facility

Koehler  was a booming coal mining town, tapping the massive coal deposits underneath large portions of Vermejo. The town operated off and on from 1907 to 1957, and now lies abandoned – decaying slowly.

Parts of Koehler remain standing today. Some buildings and facilities are impressively massive, and others oddly beautiful. One of my favorites are a row of old houses for plant workers painted in bright yet faded colors.  Light streams in through peeled roofs and open doors and windows to lovely, surreal effect.

Abandoned House

Abandoned house, Koehler Coal Mining Town, Vermejo Park Ranch, New Mexico, USA. Canon 1Dx. 24mm. ISO 200. 10 sec. at f.22.EV +1/3.