With great regret, Karen and I had to leave Chefchaouen and head back to Casablanca for our return flight. Casablanca is a very modern, cosmopolitan city with great Art-Deco architecture. The one “must-see”, however, is the massive Hassan II Mosque.

It is a new mosque, completed in 1993, and it is ornate and beautiful. We missed the interior tour, but the exterior is spectacular on its own. We will save the interior for next time!

The mosque is built next to the Atlantic Ocean, so I really wanted to do a long exposure of the mosque at dusk, with the waves of the Atlantic rendered soft and dreamy against the immensity of the mosque. Here is what I got. . . .

Hassan II Mosque at Dusk

As dusk fades and the sky goes black, I usually stop shooting big cityscapes.  The blacks are just too overwhelming and the stars that would add some life to the black sky are rarely visible.

But never say never!  As I walked around the mosque, I saw these folks sitting on a wall, silhouetted against the mosque. I framed it as tight as I could to keep the black sky to a minimum and waited for the three to give me some action. The man in the middle finally began turning to his left and talking with his hands, which gave me a really nice moment.

Night Silhouettes in front of Hassan II Mosque

As I got closer to the mosque, I saw more and more silhouettes I could shoot against the brightly lit features of the building.

Night Silhouettes in front of Hassan II Mosque

Night Silhouettes in front of Hassan II Mosque


1st image: Hassan II Mosque at dusk, with Atlantic Ocean, Casablanca, Morocco. Canon 1Dx. 70mm. ISO 100. f/11 @ 30 seconds. EV +1 1/3.

2nd image: Silhouettes of people in front of Hassan II Mosque at night,  Casablanca, Morocco.  Canon 1Dx. 25mm. ISO 1600. f/3.5 @ 1/15 second.

3rd image: Canon 1Dx. 379mm. ISO 2500.  f/8 @ 1/15 sec.

4th image: Canon 1Dx. 100mm. ISO 1600. f/16 @ .6 sec.