One thing you have to just roll with when traveling is the weather. I did not exactly expect rain, but we got a couple of straight days of it as we traveled through the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara.  Normally dry river beds were suddenly swollen with muddy water, which made river crossings in our little car quite fun (for me) and quite nerve-wracking (for my wife).


At one spot, the Kasbah we wanted to see was blocked, so we just sat and watched the scene as people crossed on foot until the sun went down and I got a few abstracts.

Flood Crossing



Flooding at Kasbah Amridil

Flooding at Kasbah Amridil, Morocco. Canon 1Dx. 709mm. ISO 400. 30 seconds at f.22 (using a 10 stop neutral density filter to slow and blur the water)