There is a remote place in Death Valley National Park called “The Racetrack” where stones and boulders appear to have moved, on their own all across a flat playa, leaving mysterious tracks behind. It was long considered one of nature’s mysteries, with all sorts of possible explanations, from the rational and scientific to the supernatural (as in “aliens move them just to jack with us”).

I like unexplained mysteries as well as the next guy, but as usually happens, science eventually figures things out, and has done that with the mysterious moving rocks in Death Valley.  Short answer – cold, water, ice, wind, and sun combining in an exquisitely unique and rare form of teamwork.

The scientific explanation is fascinating, but somehow I still like the notion of little green aliens moving the rocks just to mess with our little human minds.

The Racetrack

Tracks from moving rock in cracked mud at “The Racetrack”, Death Valley National Park, CA, USA. Mamiya 7. Fuji Velvia. Polarizer and graduated split ND filter.