A nature photograph by Australian photographer Peter Lik just went for $6.5 million and is now the most expensive photograph ever sold.  It is from a place called Antelope Canyon , a beautiful and popular slot canyon in Arizona,  It has a beam of light with a ghostly apparition in the beam and the image is called “Phantom”.

It is a lovely image, for sure, of one of North America’s must-see and most photographed locations.  Indeed, I have stood in that exact same place and photographed the same beam of light. (Inside tip – set up your tripod and get ready to shoot as someone tosses a little bit of dirt up into the beam to make it stand out). 

Mine doesn’t have the ghostly apparition, however. Nor do I have $6.5 million. I guess I’ll have to keep shooting.

Lightbeam in Upper Antelope Canyon

Lightbeam in Antelope Canyon, located on Navajo land near Page Arizona, USA. Mamiya 7. Fuji Velvia. Probably 10 seconds or so at f/16 –  I really can’t remember.