I love running into weird things while traveling, and the more surreal the better. I was driving in the Sierra Nevadas in California when I passed this old Smokey Bear sign letting me know that only I can prevent forest fires. (btw – Smokey just turned 70 and has received a makeover).

Smokey Bear

I kept driving and came across this huge smoke cloud from a brush fire. Someone apparently did not listen to Smokey and caused a forest fire.

I took some images of the clouds that were interesting, but when I found this stubby little “one way: sign to put in the foreground, it added that nice little “touch of weird” that just might keep the viewer’s interest a little bit longer. The sun was behind the smoke, and the light was a strange mix of warm yellows and cool blues.

"One Way" Sign and Smoke

“One way” sign and smoke from grass fire, Owens Valley, Sierra Nevada, California, USA. Canon 1Ds. Mark III. 16mm. ISO 100. f/16 @ 1/15 second.