In yesterday’s post I talked about creative problem solving.  Here is another example.

I was trying to photograph raccoons at night on a private ranch using remote camera triggers and 4-5 flash set up.  I got some images, but not great ones. So I started sitting out until late at night in a photo blind to see if they would come out. Lo and behold, one raccoon, who apparently felt no fear, came out and started wandering around the edge of a small watering hole looking for food.

The problem was that it was pitch black and I could not focus well enough. I tried using a flashlight with a red filter and it was not enough light to help. I decided to hop out of my blind and sneak back to my truck and look for a brighter light, figuring the raccoon would spook, but no, he just stood there and looked at me.

When I got to the truck, I thought, what the heck, why not just slowly drive up to the blind and use my truck headlights? I got the truck into position, slowly hopped out of the truck and snuck back into the blind, and was able to get tack sharp focus on my little raccoon, with light from the front coming from my flashes and the headlights and with two flashes backlighting the fur.

Racoon at Night

Raccoon by pond at night, searching for food, Rio Grande Plain between San Antonio and the Gulf Coast, Texas, USA. Canon 1Ds Mark III. 300mm. ISO 400. f/11@ 1/250 second.