One of the neat things about digital photography is that you can take multiple images of a subject, include some overlap, and software can (sometimes) stitch them together into a larger image.

Here is an example of that from a magical little geological feature in Big Bend National Park called Ernst Tinaja –  6 images, overlapped 50%, shot on a tripod. The canyon does not actually bend like this, that is an illusion.

The Ernst Tinaja is in a fanciful limestone canyon famous for its vibrant orange swirling rock striations, giant oyster fossils, and the Ernst Tinaja (or “kettle”) itself, a deep, natural rock pool. The tinaja is a dangerous place for thirsty animals – they fall in and can’t get out. You enter the canyon from the flat riverbed on the right side of the image, and walk through the canyon to the tinaja, on the far left.

Ernst Tinaja Panorama

Ernst Tinaja panorama, Big Bend National Park, Texas, USA. Canon 1Ds Mark II. 29mm. ISO 50. f/22 @ 1.3 seconds.