I am back from my trip to the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in central Mexico. It was a great trip! I had good luck, and seeing the monarchs is just good for the soul.

I am still getting images sorted, labeled, processed and ready to show, but I thought I would start with this image from the mountains where these monarchs spend their winters.

The land of the monarchs is incredibly beautiful, filled with ridge after ridge of mountains covered with dense stands of oyamel fir trees. Monarchs love to roost on the oyamels in densely packed clusters from their November arrival to their mid-March return to the USA and Canada.


Sunset on mountains of Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve near Macheros and Cerro Pelon, Mexico. Canon 1Dx. 386mm (Canon 200-400mm lens). ISO 125.  f/16@1/6 second. EV -1.