Nighthawks are neat little birds. Indeed, I’d have to say they have real personality. First the name – Night Hawk. That is just a cool name – very super hero.

They only come out at night to hunt. They have huge eyes and swoop around like a bat to pick off their prey. Some people call them “bull bats” because of the way they fly and because of the “bull like” boom made by their wings as they pull out of their dive. And their small beak can open up like a basking shark as they fly, helping them scoop up little insects in flight.

Nighthawks are also called “goatsuckers” from an old myth that  they fly into barns at night and suck dry the teats of goats. That is kind of fun to picture, but alas, it is not true.

I have seen them around in Texas and occasionally get some nice images of them. But in the tallgrass prairie of the Kansas Flint Hills, they are everywhere. This one is resting quietly on a fencepost during the day, waiting for the night hunt.

Common nighthawk on fence post,  Flint Hills,  Kansas, USA.

Common nighthawk on fence post, Flint Hills, Kansas, USA. Canon 7D. ISO 640. 200-400mm + 2x teleconverter. f/11 @ 1/640 second.