Purple martins sometimes come through Dallas as they migrate south in late summer. I like purple martins – they are a sassy bird with a lot of personality, which anyone who has a purple marten bird house knows very well!

Several years ago I managed to see and photograph them during their migration and they put on an amazing aerial show. I will do a post someday about the whole series of images I managed to get, but for now, I will just post this image of martins against a pretty pastel sunset.

Today’s camera exposure meters are amazingly accurate in most situations, but there are a few situations that can trick them. One of those tricky situations is a pastel sky. If you simply trust your camera it will try to give you a “middle tone” exposure. That is how most meters are set up. So while you may be looking at a beautiful pastel colored sky, your camera will probably try to give you an image that is more of a deep, blood red. You have to tell your camera to “overexpose” in order to get a pastel sunset sky. In this case i used exposure compensation to intentionally overexpose the image by one stop (EV +1). Voila, pastel sky.

Fall migration of purple martins through Dallas, Texas, USA.

Fall migration of purple martins through Dallas, Texas, USA. Canon 1Ds III. 175mm. ISO 1250 f.3,5 @ 1/400 second. EV +1.