Here is another version of an assembled image made out of multiple image “parts”. This is from beautiful Caddo Lake, in East Texas.

A traditional SLR camera image has a 2:3 ratio (width to height).  Classic panorama film cameras used a 3:1 ratio. But when you shoot the image in “parts”, the image ratio can be anything you like. I have shot them so that the final image had 8:1 ratio, to images with more rectangular dimensions with multiple rows and massive file size. It is all your choice.

Here is a simple “megapan” shot with five images in one row. On the left side, I hit the rail of a dock. On the right side, the scene eventually became a tangled mess. But in between was swampy goodness and that was what I wanted.

I shot the image vertically, from a tripod, with a panoramic “rig” to help me keep the center of the camera and lens (or the “nodal point” over the center of the tripod. With the exposure on manual, I simply overlapped each image by half and worked my way through the scene.


The five image “parts” along with the two stages of final assembly.

The final image is around a 2:1 ratio and 50 megapixels in size. The file is large enough that you can crop into it from the top or bottom and still print it quite large. I have used this image in several Texas banks, hospitals and corporate offices, all cropped differently from this final image.

Water lilies and bald cypress trees on Caddo Lake, Texas, USA.

Water lilies and bald cypress trees on Caddo Lake, Texas, USA. Canon 1Ds III. 35mm. ISO 400. 1/25 sec @ f/16.